Starting a Blog while Baby is AWAKE

After researching and my interest that other people would be interested in me and my daily life, I decided to start a blog. While the baby is awake granted. 

Now I am here trying to find my first perfect topic and I am here…writing about the baby awake and me trying to once again multitask.

I am very excited to share my experiences in life with being a wife, student, mother, sister, daughter, to a dysfunctional family, and friend. I plan on writing about eco friendly products that I have been trying out for the past few months while transforming my family into a more chemical free family and organic eating family…yes the hubby thinks I am crazy, but hey this is MY hobby.

After debating on what topic to cover first, I decided now to just give a general overview of my blog and what to expect from it. While the baby cries. It is of course nap time and according the The Wonder Weeks app, we are one day away from a leap…God help us on our way to Florida next week…

I am hoping that you enjoy my blog and I will be venturing out with all topics on here. From daily life events to eco friendly products, to the crazy kids, husband, and even dog.

What topic would you like to read about in a blog?



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