The Battle of the Breastmilk

Each day I look into my freezer and gaze in admiration of the many bags of breast milk that I have stored within a two month span. Might I add, when I say many, to me that is a total of 72 ounces. Yes TOTAL. Being able to accept the fact that you can only produce so much extra aside from the normal daily feedings (if you are EBF). I had to quickly come to terms with the fact that I was not a overproducer. I am only a normal producer.

20140727-104150-38510587.jpgEveryone has their own goal
The first time I realized that I had no
“stash” in my freezer was when I was about to return to work, I panicked. How am I going to keep up. Granted I only work two days a week and only need 12 ounces of milk while I am away, but those 12 ounces caught up with me. I began to pump every second I could while still exclusively breastfeeding…what second.? But I managed and didn’t get discouraged and now over a two month span, and many midnight pumps, I can proudly say that I have 72 whopping ounces in MY freezer.

Don’t compare stashes
This was the first step I had to come to terms with. Seeing all of the other posters on my Facebook breastfeeding/pumping support page
“show off” their stashes that were in the Hundreds, and even donating their left overs after baby has been EBF…I soon began to wonder, what was I doing wrong.
It wasn’t me.
I was making enough for my baby and to have a few ounces left over to pump was a miracle in my eyes.

Once I came to terms with what I could produce, I soon watched my
“stash” grow.

Do not get discouraged because of others, simply be thankful that you are able to breastfeed and provide your baby with the liquid gold and pump when the times are available. It may seem small at first, but it will quickly add up.

What’s your battle with breastfeeding?



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