Super Mom


20140728-114848-42528146.jpgWe have all had that moment where we stopped and looked around and wondered, “Where’s my cape?”, as the toddler is climbing the cabinets to finally get his own cup for milk that he has been asking for about ten minutes now, but you did not hear him over the crying infant in the “helpless/boredom” stage of life where he is interested in doing things but just can’t do things…all of that on top of the washer and dryer both going at one time and you trying to fold ONE item of clothing within a ten minute period. Did you read that in one breath?

  • Being a mother in general is a 24/7 job alone.
  • Being a stay at home mom is a fulltime never-ending job.
  • Being a full-time working mom is a full-time, clock out at 5:00 job (or what ever time your shift ends).
  • Being a full-time student (yes some mom’s are students) is a never-ending study session when the kids are asleep.

Where’s my cape?

I can say that everything I listed above, I qualify as. I work two days a week, go to school two days a week, “study” when BigD is at school on Fridays (yea right, studying with an infant), and maintain my status as a wife…which means I try to acknowledge the hubby at least one time per day. But it is hard. Whether your plate is not as full as the other moms, just simply being MOM is full enough. But we all know that as soon as things are quiet, something is not right. When we finally have that “nothing to do” status, you sit and look around and wonder… there is something I can do, I can’t just SIT here and not do anything. Or at least I think that way. Even when the hubby has the kids and I am all alone relaxing, I soon think…

  • the floors can be swept…then cleaned
  • the toilets haven’t seen any type of cleaning product in about two weeks
  • OH and the dust! Don’t turn the fan off, that will need a pressure washer
  • I can put the dishes up that have been drying for a month now and we have been just rotating dishes from the dry rack as we use them…
  • the list goes on

Mom’s can’t stop. I know I can’t. Out of all the times I say I need a break and some quiet time, I soon feel as if something is off. Being a mom is the new ME and the new way of life for ME…I will proudly wear my cape all day.

Do you have the urge to do things even when you don’t need to?



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