Toddler and Technology

What happened to the good ol’ days of playing with toys, getting dirty and in trouble at times. What happened to childhood. Everywhere you turn, you constantly see phones glued to peoples hands and constantly in their face. This has become our society and the sad part is this is how we have raised our children in a society so unsociable.

A simple car ride has turned into a gaming session or a movie theater. Either are ways of easy entertainment. That sums up all technology. Easy entertainment. It does not end in the car, it also takes over the couch chit chatter, the swinging on the front porch social hour, the joyous afternoon stroll… Technology is the new society and the way of socializing. But as one mother, I am trying to stop this in my house.

I do not approve of the dinner table electronics. That includes all participants at the table. I strive everyday for a sit down family meal. In the car, my number one rule for the DVD player to be on is if we are traveling longer than an hour. I am nuts about technology and how it can easily take over a family and silence all dinner nights and all car rides. To me, that is time of chatter. That is time for children to feel extra wanted, extra opinionated. That is a time for all to express their feelings or how their day went. A time of want.

We as parents need to lead by example. This is my biggest pet-peeve. As parents we sit and complain about how much our children don’t go out and get dirty or in a little bit of trouble like we did as kids…but take a step back and look in the mirror. What have we been doing since day one of this innocent soul entering this world? Technology. From their first moment on Earth, we rush to post it on a social media, like everyone actually cares. To their first word, we post it in a social media, for all to see through video. What happened to just the ones we love and who are important in our families lives, what happened to them being there in person. Technology has put many gaps in families.

I constantly battle this with my very own husband. I monitor his phone use and have to remind him that it is family time. Without someone there to strive for conversation, for normal lives for our children, then technology will win. Tables will be silent and car rides will be Mickey Mouse playing in the background the entire ride. Yes Mickey is our savior on those screaming rides, but we can’t rely on technology to disipline our kids, to keep them calm. . To me, technology is wiring them up in the first place. They sit and gaze at a scream for hours upon hours and finally get chances to not be in front of a device, and they do not know how to act, how to control themselves. Technology is our generations norm, and I can say as one mother who is against all of this technology, I am not making it a norm in my house.

What do you do to keep conversations in your house?



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