Thanks, but No Thanks

20140730-102431-37471903.jpgOver the past three short months, I have been questioned or told certain things regarding me nursing my son and our ways. I am hoping that I am not the only crazy one and that this list will sum just a few things up for the nursing mom and her family…

1. You are bringing a bottle…

No. Bringing a bottle is not as easy as just bringing a bottle. We have covers for that if it suits the mother and baby (which will eventually become nosey and will fight this cover). It takes time to prepare this bottle. Whether it is taking those precious ounces out of your freezer that you have worked so hard for, or quickly pumping to accommodate others by just using a bottle. No thanks, I have my Hooter Hider.

2. How long do you plan on breastfeeding…

Quite frankly, we have no clue. Hell, I know that I am thrilled that we have made it past the first week, then the second week…I made it this far, I am sticking it out till LittleD has enough or until my body has enough. And NO, I will not just stop breastfeeding because he gets teeth. So don’t ask.

3. You are just going to pump…

No, we are not just going to pump. Like I mentioned previously, it is very hard to plan a pump and (I know I am not the only mother) we do not like our pumps. For me, the only time I want to see this pump is when I am away from baby. Other than that, I don’t want to see that evil thing.

4. You can just skip a pump…

Once again, no. A lot of people ask this and are very confused at what all it takes for a mother to establish and keep her supply up to par. If a mother is not by her baby, she must pump to make her body think that it is with her baby. If not, over time, this can decrease our supply that we have all lost many sleepless nights, made many many tears, and worked so hard for. We can not just skip a pump. It doesn’t work that way.

5. It’s time he should be in his crib…

Breastfeeding 101. You get more sleep when you either co-sleep with or share the same room with your breastfed baby. So thanks, but no thanks, things are working just fine and I know one mommy that is getting plenty of sleep without having to stir up the entire house or hike all the way to LitteD’s room. We will transition when both of us are ready, not when you think we are.

Thanks, but no thanks.

Do you have a pet-peeve about certain questions or statements from others about breastfeeding?



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