Another School Year

IMG_5389.JPGWell it is August, and that means school. Yes another summer has ever so quickly flew by us in the blink of an eye. As I was getting BigD dressed this morning (well supervising beings he has stated he is “big” now), I was envisioning my little newborn so helpless and new in life that always needed me. But I can’t guard him too much anymore, I can’t baby him too much anymore, I can’t be his best friend for too much longer, I can’t be his only girl in his life for too much longer…I will just be his “mom” one day and be told to “leave me alone”. To watch him grow in the blink of an eye is just astounding.

I always remember when my parents use to tell me to not grow up too fast and enjoy being a kid…I wish I would have known what they were talking about then.

I always remember the random kisses my mom and dad would give me and those akward stares or random hand holding that I got embarrassed of, I wish I would have known what they were trying to hold on to.

I do those random stares, the stares of admiration in the boy BigD has become. I do those random hand holding (which he is starting to not like), to remember the hand of an infant that use to grab my finger in comfort. I always do those random kisses, to cherish his love forever. And I always say “I love you”. A million times. Over and over. I never understood why my parents said “I love you” so much after every seeing of each other, every phone call, and every good bye…but now I know and I do it as well. I love you never gets old. BigD even said to me one day after I told him that I loved him, “mom you say that all the time, I know you love me”. Of course I responded, “I will say it a thousand more times”. I love you.

Here’s to another school year, to another friendship found, to many more afternoon’s of sports, to cranky mornings and running late, to more memories and more “I love you”.     IMG_5390.JPGHow was your handling of your “baby’s” first day? I know I am not the only mushy mommy…



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