About Me

Welcome to my blog.


First off I would like to say thank you for visiting my page and being interested in what I post. It’s flattering…my own husband thinks I am crazy.

A little background info will be a good start…I am a mother of two boys (might I add the only grandDAUGHTER out of 12 boys as well), I am a student at SELU (my journey finally ends in December) where I will have a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. I also am an accounts receivables clerk at a local company where I work two days a week and do photography on the side.


This is my husband, BigBigD (I like the D initial). Anyways, this is Devin. We have a funny story of how we met, but that’s for a rainy day. We have been together for 6 years now and married of for 2 years. He puts up with my randomness and I put up with his very expensive hunting and fishing hobbies…and HOUSEBOAT (which will probably be a blog before we know it).


This is BigD, Dakota. He is my everything, my first born…my proof that beings I didn’t keep my many fish alive, I am suitable for a mother. He loves the outdoors and any sport. Starting Kindergarten is his next major milestone that I am not ready for. Oh, and he LOVES his real dirt-bike that he had just received from his amazingly cool parents at his 5th birthday. Coolest five year old on the block…I know.

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And this is LittleD, Dallas. He is my everything as well, our little ray of sunshine growing and learning more each and everyday. Lately his little personality has been showing and he sure is a character, just like his brother. LittleD has been my main motivation to chain the ways in our family. Beings I am beast feeding, I soon began to thing about natural things and then started our families journey to a safer more eco friendly household.

This blog will range from breastfeeding, to the baby being breastfed, to toddlers who think they aren’t toddlers, to baby daddy’s, to the busy mom’s working, to school (parents and kids), and home topics as well (crafts, recipes…etc)…all while maintaining a green lifestyle…a green mother loving life blog (simply put).

Thank you for joining my journey in life as an eco conscious mother who is about as busy as it gets. Enjoy.



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