Family Vacation {Florida}

I have stepped away from the computer this week to spend some great time with my family at the beach. Here are a few of our special moments. Enjoy.














I hope everyone has a great weekend. Bring on the laundry…



Stress Free Packing Tips

A vacation from packing is always needed even before the actual vacation takes place. From planning outfits to trying to pack the bare minimum to trying not to over pack, which we end up doing anyways, packing is stressful. Now that I am done packing for our first family vacation with two kids, I will share how I try to keep my sanity through the packing process.

Start During Nap Time…so you don’t have to break open the vacation wine too early.


Plan Ahead
This is the most important tip. You must plan ahead, even if it is just one day ahead. This will eliminate all confusion as to what to pack and will eliminate any over packing, which everyone regrets once they realize the rear of the car is dragging.

Check Room Gadgets
If staying at a condo of some sort, you want to always check and see what is all in the condo and what it offers on the beach. From coffee maker to DVD players to beach chairs. By planning around what the room already offers, you can be sure to pack everything you will be needing while staying there. And if you are not in a condo with a kitchen, then enjoy your time eating out.

Make A List Before Packing
This tip always helps me for everything I do… Lists lists lists. Every time something comes up in life, I make a list. Just ask my hubby, they are everywhere. I always say, you can never be too organized. By planning a list for each person and their needs, this will ensure you that all items will be available once away from home, if not then find the nearest store. Baby needs diapers, hubby needs shaving cream, toddler needs favorite blanket (I hope the blanket gets lost), and mommy needs wine… 🙂

Make A List While Packing
Making a list while packing will help out for when you walk away from that evil suitcase and come back for the fiftieth time because you are ready to scream and catch it on fire…this lists helps you start back at where you ran off at. No one wants to guess at what they packed and no one wants to unpack to figure out what they even put in. Once again, a lists saves some sanity.

Plan Travel Time
Always plan out your travel time according to your daily schedule, especially with a little one. Staying close to schedule will help little ones sanity, and your too. Plan stretch breaks, food breaks, and potty breaks. For little ones, plan feeding breaks so they can be comfortable while feeding and not just in their car seat for six hours straight. This means a six hour trip will turn into an eight hour trip, but for everyone’s sanity, this is perfectly fine. It’s vacation right? And if you are that family that strictly drives the whole way with no stops at all, more power to you…this mom can not do that.

Travel Snacks
Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean it is junk food time. Plan ahead (yes another list) healthy snacks for all while traveling. From fruit strips for the toddler to a trail mix blend for the driver, and of course wine for the passenger 😉 Happy bellies makes for a happy car ride. But not too many drinks, then potty breaks double.

And lastly…

Enjoy your family time. This doesn’t need a lists, this simply needs love from all. Enjoy each other and what each day beings. Don’t rush, don’t plan, just go with the flow and make many memories.

Does making lists help in your packing adventure? (I can’t be the only OCD one)


Super Mom


20140728-114848-42528146.jpgWe have all had that moment where we stopped and looked around and wondered, “Where’s my cape?”, as the toddler is climbing the cabinets to finally get his own cup for milk that he has been asking for about ten minutes now, but you did not hear him over the crying infant in the “helpless/boredom” stage of life where he is interested in doing things but just can’t do things…all of that on top of the washer and dryer both going at one time and you trying to fold ONE item of clothing within a ten minute period. Did you read that in one breath?

  • Being a mother in general is a 24/7 job alone.
  • Being a stay at home mom is a fulltime never-ending job.
  • Being a full-time working mom is a full-time, clock out at 5:00 job (or what ever time your shift ends).
  • Being a full-time student (yes some mom’s are students) is a never-ending study session when the kids are asleep.

Where’s my cape?

I can say that everything I listed above, I qualify as. I work two days a week, go to school two days a week, “study” when BigD is at school on Fridays (yea right, studying with an infant), and maintain my status as a wife…which means I try to acknowledge the hubby at least one time per day. But it is hard. Whether your plate is not as full as the other moms, just simply being MOM is full enough. But we all know that as soon as things are quiet, something is not right. When we finally have that “nothing to do” status, you sit and look around and wonder… there is something I can do, I can’t just SIT here and not do anything. Or at least I think that way. Even when the hubby has the kids and I am all alone relaxing, I soon think…

  • the floors can be swept…then cleaned
  • the toilets haven’t seen any type of cleaning product in about two weeks
  • OH and the dust! Don’t turn the fan off, that will need a pressure washer
  • I can put the dishes up that have been drying for a month now and we have been just rotating dishes from the dry rack as we use them…
  • the list goes on

Mom’s can’t stop. I know I can’t. Out of all the times I say I need a break and some quiet time, I soon feel as if something is off. Being a mom is the new ME and the new way of life for ME…I will proudly wear my cape all day.

Do you have the urge to do things even when you don’t need to?